Meet our team


Taimoor Choudhry is a man of many trades. As a general manager and creative director of Damas Pakistan, now the largest jewelry business in the country, Taimoor effectively marketed Damas to become a household name. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Development Studies at McGill University he continued to broaden his knowledge in the realm of filmmaking with the underlying ambition to produce animal rights and social justice documentaries. He studied at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and the BOSA Centre for Film and Animation in British Columbia, specializing in documentary film. With an international network, Taimoor aspires to make change worldwide.


Jack Silberman studied filmmaking at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has a master’s degree from Harvard University (1985). He has produced, directed, and/or written more than 40 documentaries for Canadian, American, British, French, and Japanese tv networks, as well as for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, United Nations agencies, and others. His documentaries have won more than 60 awards and have been broadcast around the world. 


Inder Nirwan is known for his work on Trophy (2016), Penitence (2010) and Paradox (2010). Inder Nirwan is a filmmaker/shooter/editor based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. He is skilled in both technical and creative workflows and specialized in engaging branded content for web delivery.

His work includes short documentaries, narrative short film, branded product, and travel films.


Ayman Khadre is an emerging documentary filmmaker and researcher based in Vancouver, BC. Born and raised in central France to Moroccan parents, he is fluent in French, English, and Arabic. First of his class in undergraduate and graduate degrees, in political science and international relations respectively, he conducted field interviews while completing an essay about the Israeli territorial strategy in the Palestinian territories. As an informed citizen of the world, he aims to use his art to build bridges between civilizations in order to better understand their different cultures and religions. 


Jason Chau is a producer, whose work has been featured on the CBC, CTV, Forbes, and Newsweek. He’s a big proponent of the independent Vancouver film scene. I directed and produced the critically acclaimed short-film “Yellow Stone” for the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, and I was featured in their calendar as “2019’s Artists 

Jasmin Aaron

Jazmin Aron has been an Animal Rights Activist for years in Toronto, as well as a former Producer/TV host of the first vegan TV show (Kaivegan) which aired in Canada through the Filipino TV Network.

She is a singer/songwriter who dedicates majority of her time helping people transition to a full plant-based diet and the vegan lifestyle. Her goal is to continue making a difference in the lives of people, animals, and the world through creativity, education, nutrition, and compassion.